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As BioRICS we are committed to improve the well-being, health and performance of individuals and teams by translating objective, real time measures from the body into valuable, personalised insights about what drains and what provides energy to the individual.

To realise this, BioRICS has developed algorithms and built a sound expertise to apply them in the field of human condition monitoring (physical condition, mental status, sleep quality and sleepiness). These algorithms are application-specific and have been made fit for integration into new, cutting-edge products of BioRICS and their customers.

We aim high

  • Help people to better “connect” with their body, by giving insight on how their body responds to specific events in daily life (physical activity, mental pressure, anxiety, high workload, sleepiness, etc.).
  • Make monitoring easy and fun by supplying attractive software in combination with comfortable, user-friendly hardware.
  • Become a reference and world class company in physical and mental status monitoring by offering a solution and not only a measurement tool. To realise this, BioRICS partners with specialized coaches.
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We are here to stay

BioRICS – which name stands for “Biological Responses in Complex Systems” – was created in 2006 as a spin-off of the research unit Measure, Model and Manage Bio Responses (M3-BIORES), the former Laboratory for Agricultural Buildings Research, of the Department Biosystems of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.

Starting from fundamental oriented research on insects, larvae, mussels, plants and animals, the research evolved to the real time monitoring of humans. It was clear that all living organisms respond in an individual way to the environment and that these so called bioresponses are time-varying since they depend on age, health status, mental status, etc. The research group focused on techniques and algorithms to monitor and to predict responses of living organisms in real time for each individual at a given time.

In 2006, the soccer team AC Milan asked Prof. Daniel Berckmans – who led the research team – to monitor the mental status of top athletes in real time on the pitch. This was BioRICS’ first project where algorithms were applied to determine the mental status of individuals.

It’s all about the balance


BioRICS’ vision is to raise awareness about people’s health via access to scientifically-based technology.


The solution that BioRICS brings consists of an individual self-management tool that can be used in all privacy an secrecy.


BioRICS is committed to help people improve their health and performance. It translates objective, real-time measurements into valuable, personalized insights about energy-drainers and energy-refuelers.

Don’t believe us, do believe our technology.

… proved effective in the following projects …

AC Milan

During a 3 years project, BioRICS monitored the physical condition and mental status of the players of AC Milan in close cooperation with the trainers, coaches and the Milan Lab.

In the same period, BioRICS developed a software platform to analyse the data and visualize the results of their health tracking.

Adidas USA

A BioRICS algorithm was integrated in the shirt of the “miCoach Elite system” from Adidas USA which measured heart rate and other health tracking parameters for professional soccer teams.

Bosch Automotive

30.000 km on-road driving tests were realised in a common project with Bosch Automotive GmbH, during which the BioRICS algorithm for early detection of drowsiness in cars proved to be accurate and reliable.