Infection Monitoring

BioRICS’ Continuous Infection Monitoring system is able to detect infections at an early stage.


BioRICS’ Continuous Infection Monitoring system InfectAlert is able to detect infection at an early stage. This product is in testing phase. So far, the test results are very positive with an overall accuracy (sensitivity and specificity) of 80% for COVID-19 infections and 92% for other infections. The algorithm already detects vulnerability for infection 7 to 2 days before the infection is confirmed and often before symptoms show up.

Prevent costs of care and treatment

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Healthy life

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Sickness awareness

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Prevent spreading

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Reduce costs

Early detection to keep it safe 

InfectAlert is a web based-application for each employee and each employer who cares about safe operating at work. The employee needs a Fitbit wearable and receives an access code from the employer through which he/she can subscribe on the MyBioRICS platform.

By authorising InfectAlert to use the Fitbit measurements of heart rate and activity, a possible infection can be detected. Each morning, the employee consults his/her latest result in the webapp. In case of a positive result, the employee is directed to a general practitioner, a medical centre or pharmacy (assigned by the company) to take a confirmatory test. In case of a confirmed infection, the employee will be informed of the next step. In principle, he/she will be have to stay at home in order to prevent spreading of the infection within the company.

Note that, at first start, the system needs 30-days of Fitbit data (captured 24 hr/7) before it can start giving daily feedback as the systems adapts to the individual body.

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One morning in spring 2020, I did not feel well but went to the pharmacy, as usual. The next few days, I did not feel any better but still continued working. I was in contact with at least 1.000 persons before being diagnosed with Corona. I wish InfectAlert would have existed then, as it would have prevented me from infecting many other persons.

Luc Kleynjans – Pharmacist and founder of Yoboo

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Scientifically based technology

The InfectAlert monitoring algorithm is based upon the real-time analysis of the individual metabolic energy balance, rather than only using resting heart rate. This makes the technology more accurate in defining when your immune system is under pressure because the energy used for physical activities or mental events is separated from the energy used by the immune system.

BioRICS has started the development in September 2019, before Covid-19 appeared. The algorithm was tested since then on 185 subjects during which reliable reference data became available. From all scientifically published peer reviewed articles(*), InfectAlert has the highest accuracy with the lowest number of false alerts.

(*) Peer-reviewed publications are scientific articles that must be read and accepted by other scientists. The difference with white papers is well explained in



Stop disease spreading at work

Early detection of infection is extremely useful for companies that have production units, where viruses can easily spread but also in environments where many people gather or where the risk of getting infected is high.

Companies who provide this tool to their employees can realise substantial cost savings as they can now act in a proactive way. On top, InfectAlert is flexible and allows each company to integrate its own protocol in the app.  This leads to a good and clear communication on what the employee is supposed to do after receiving an alert. Special discounts are granted for large groups who subscribe.