Mindstretch for coaches

Understand the value of objective measurements to better support individuals and teams

Good guidance for lasting results


The implementation of coaching & mentoring in or outside the workplace has proven to be extremely beneficial for both the employee and the organisation. Every coaching, whether preventive or curative, has as final objective to enhance the individual’s personal growth and development. The coach or professional care provider is the safe “light beacon” who marks the way and decides each step to take. To support the coach with these decisions and make the coaching effective, tools need to give objective insights on progress and results that last.

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Personal Growth

Coaching for teams

Every team is a group of individuals with their own personality, skills and talents who  work together to help the company reach its targets. The best way to do this is, is by creating a culture in which every person feels appreciated and supported. But often, the group is unable to create this culture without some guidance. For coaches, good guidance starts with good insights in the group’s functioning: which activities or days are more intense or stressful and how resilient is the team.

Anonymous group and resilience reports created from the BioRICS Mindstretch results of the team members, support the coach with innovative information on the group’s mental health and well-being.

These reports also show the effectiveness of the coaching programme when the team continues to monitor over longer periods.


mindstretch for coaches
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Personal guidance

The benefits of using the BioRICS Mindstretch scientific tool in one-to-one coaching are multiple:

  • insight in objective, physiological data of the coachee (subject to given consent)
  • data available already from the moment of intake
  • enhanced efficiency of the treatment
  • remote follow-up of the coachee
  • ability to push advice directly to the coachee’s smartphone (*).
  • provision of extra services to the coachee after treatment possible.

(*) see underneath “The power of coaches”

BioRICS Mindstretch for coaches

Experience at your disposal

BioRICS is already working with selected coaches &coaching companies and wants to enlarge this group of “preferred coaches” who appreciate using BioRICS Mindstretch in their treatments.

New coaches are trained by the BioRICS specialists and receive support for their specific domain. No need to say that BioRICS Mindstretch can be a real differentiator for a coach.

Are you interested in testing the tool and be part of this group, drop us a line!

The power of Coaches

A new platform, dedicated to coaches will be available soon! On this platform, every coach will be able to create his/her own private “environment” where he/she can connect to the coachee, create own dashboards to visualise and analyse the coachee’s evolution and communicate with the coachee directly via the smartphone. All this will be possible in full privacy between coach and coachee and in respect of the GDPR rules.

Coaching is guiding

Pharmacy & Health

Pharmacies are very close to their customers and often the “first line help” for health & lifestyle advice. New concepts such as Yoboo were born to better support people through new insights, using Mindstretch. This is a gate to a new way of self-care.


Small changes in lifestyle can have a huge impact long term. Lifestyle coaches (i.e. EnerG) specialised  in energy management, teach their coachees how to make lifestyle changes sustainable. The insights of Mindstretch create awareness all along the road.

Burn-out coaches

Burn-out coaches guide people through the process  starting from a situation of  physical and mental exhaustion to regained vitality. The information of recovery is crucial in their treatments and that’s why they consider Mindstretch a most valuable tool. (*)

Sports coaches

Improving mental strength is a main point of attention for sports coaches. The objective data of mental energy use and recovery allow them to adapt the training load and make sure that as much energy as possible is left for the game.  

Personal Trainers

With professional guidance, many people are able to unlock their full potential.  They learn how to take improved control over their body. Knowledge about their body responses in different situations lead to faster behavioural change and lasting results.

(*) It is time to broaden the theory on burnout with insights in the relationship between the psyche, the nervous system, the immune system and the hormones. Prof. A. van Dam, in his recent publication, has an explicit message for the occupational psychologist, namely to take the biology into account. Read the article here: a clinical perspective on burnout: diagnosis, classification and treatment of clinical burnout.