Mindstretch for companies

Be able to rely on happy and motivated employees.

Satisfied employees priority

Many HR leaders recognize that employee stress is a critical workplace issue. Employees’ wellbeing has therefore become a real business priority. Many different tools and employee benefit programmes to enhance employee wellbeing are flooding the market. However, if companies want to create a long-lasting culture of wellbeing, they should go for a preventive approach.

Work in balance

More energy for the job

Better recovery from sleep

Motivated employees


Productive teams

Mental health leads to business success

In ten years’ time employees will have ‘good work’, which contributes positively to their mental health, our society and our economy. To support this, all organisations, whatever their size, will be equipped with the awareness and tools to address and prevent mental ill health caused or worsened by work.

With Mindstretch for companies they will be equipped to support individuals with a mental health condition to thrive and the proportion of people with a long-term mental health condition, who leave employment each year, will be dramatically reduced.

Source: Deloitte study “Mental health and employers: Refreshing the case for investment January 2020”

mindstretch for companies
mindstretch for companies

Creating a culture of trust and openness

For an employer or H.R. Director, it is a challenging task to define an “employee wellbeing” strategy that perfectly fits with the company culture. By trial and error, they find out that many wellbeing programmes are often a one-time event or only reach part of the organisation.

Employees tend not to trust their employer and do not want their management to know too much about their personal life, habits, health, mental state or fitness. However, that does not means that the employer is unable to contribute to the employee’s personal health.

By facilitating the use of services and tools (Mindstretch for companies) that are individual and which the employee can choose from and use in all privacy,  the employee will start to tackle personal and private issues/worries that prevent him/her from feeling engaged at work.  Once these are under control, the employee will look at his/her job with a different spirit, prepared for positive change and open discussion.

Gradually, a new company culture of trust and engagement will be created? which will lead to more productivity, higher levels of engagement and better retention of personnel.

Not only absenteeism

Costs of poor mental health at work has multiple sources


Presenteeism is defined as showing up to work when one is ill resulting in a loss of productivity.

  • 66.3% 66.3%

Staff turnover costs

Staff turnover costs covers all the costs associated with having to attract and recruit new talent. It also covers bringing a new employee up to speed in the organisation and any productivitiy losses arising from this.

  • 19.5% 19.5%


Absence costs are defined as the costs of an individual missing work (in this case, due to poor mental health).

  • 14.2% 14.2%

Mindstretch: maximized ROI

Early awareness raising and proactive intervention

Clear positive case for employers investing in mental health.

Mindstretch selects those who are most in need.

Clear positive case for employers investing in mental health.

Integrating BioRICS Mindstretch in your company

Criteria for a successful wellbeing strategy

    1. Embedded in the company for a long time
    2. Widely rolled out
    3. Based on an organisation-wide approach
    4. Using technology (cost effective, private and easy to access)
    5. Using diagnostics and screening (therefore better targeted approach)

The power of BioRICS Mindstretch

    1. Mindstrech allows long-term, 24/7 use – monitoring goes fully automatically
    2. The product is based on a wearable app and is therefore easily scalable
    3. Large groups of people can monitor simultaneously. This is not possible/too costly if it would be based on consults by a coach
    4. Easy downloads & updates. Secrecy guaranteed
    5. Early stage personalized feedback and intervention

Investing in Mental Health pays off 

Use case – a transport company

In full Corona times, BioRICS Mindstretch was used in a Belgian company, specialised in transport of a.o. fuel and chemicals. The drivers were well-experienced men who knew how to drive a tank truck and cope with transporting dangerous goods.

Anonymous reports gave insight in these drivers’ main energy-takers and energy-gainers as a group during their daily job. Most interesting to see was the high correlation of fuel consumption and other variables with the stress and mental energy use of the drivers.

The conclusion was that individual monitoring with BioRICS Mindstretch, combined with specific training to enhance driver’s mental health and driving behaviour, can generate considerable savings in fuel use, truck maintenance costs, accidents, fines and personnel turnover.

Optimising shift periods   

Use case – a chemical company

Working in shifts has a huge effect on the biorhythm of a person. Many combinations of shift length, frequency of rotation, night and day regime, etc. are possible. However, no matter how hard management tries to find a good compromise between the human factor and the company goals, many people give up after some years as they feel tired and are no longer able to cope with the irregular way of life.

Monitoring with BioRICS Mindstretch in this company gave valuable information on the physical and mental load put on this group of engineers who worked for long hours in the same harsh conditions, reason why the level of absenteeism was so high.

As a result, a new shift system was put in place which offered more flexibility and shorter rotation times to allow the engineers to grasp some recovery also at work and build resilience.

mindstretch for companies