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Keeping body and mind in balance

We all know that the daily challenges require energy from body (physical energy) and mind (mental energy).  Consuming energy is normal and the body has been made to handle it. However, energy which is used is no longer available and therefore needs to be regained. A good mental health starts with regular recovery. 

Mindstretch is a preventive tool that gives insights in mental energy use and recovery, based on objective measurements from the body. If your metabolic system – and also your immune system – comes under pressure due to chronic stress or lasting mental load, Mindstretch alerts you and helps you – via personalized advice – to take action before a health issue appears. 

Your life in balance

More energy

Sleep well

Happy moments


Good vibrations

Mindstretch app information

By wearing your Fitbit device and connect it to the Mindstretch app, insight is given in:

  • How much mental energy you are using for your daily activities
  • Whether your brain could also regain energy during the day
  • How well you recovered during the night and how full your battery is to start the day with
  • Which events are giving you energy and which are taking away energy from your body.

The daily balance score (87% in this example) indicates your recovery percentage. If this score is less than 50% at the end of the day, it means that you have spent more mental energy than you could regain mental energy over the last 24hrs. To obtain a correct daily balance score, it is important to monitor day and night (24h/7).


State-of-the-art technology

The Mindstretch methodology is built on science. The measurement results are accurate and reliable, also when the user is moving.

As every individual is different and unique, the algorithms adapt to the time-varying character of the user and therefore use an individual baseline. 

Personalised Feedback

The user receives weekly advice on the smartphone. It motivates the user to take care of his/her individual energy balance, in a result-oriented way.

Mindstretch takes into account the user’s profile to formulate meaningful personalised advice. Context information is also important to detect the real causes for possible imbalances.

Private and discrete

As the software runs on the user’s own smartphone, it is a fully private tool that can be used in all secrecy by the user only.

If the user decides to share his/her data with other parties (i.e. the coach or expert), an explicit written consent needs to be given, in line with the GDPR-rules.

Some awesome features


Easy to use, the monitoring goes in an automated way. All you need is a Fitbit tracker that measures heart rate, which is connected to your smartphone (check the FAQ for technical details).


Real-time visualisation of mental energy use or recovery on the Mindstretch app that runs on your smartphone


Daily evolution of your physical activity, visualised on the phone


Calculation of your daily and weekly recovery percentage, each time you synchronize


Insight in your mental recovery from sleep


Weekly feedback from the app to help you manage your balance.


Benefits for everybody

Active persons

Everybody with a busy professional/private life, who cares about staying healthy and having a good work/life balance to remain fit and perform well.


Motivated employees

Every employer who strives to become the “best employer’, able to rely on happy and motivated employees who empower each other and the organisation.


Every mental coach or professional caregiver who understands the value of objective measurements to better support individuals during treatment or after reintegration in their job.


Sports & athletes

The best way to prepare for the next game is by taking care of body and mind. But how do you know your mental status and mental resilience?

Start with the Mindstretch app

  • Make sure you have a Fitbit device that measures heart rate which is connected to your Fitbit account (on the Fitbit app)
  • Download the Mindstretch app on Google Play or App Store
    Register yourself in the app and confirm your account via the activation email
  • Open the Mindstretch app, log-in, select the Fitbit device and log-in again on the Fitbit app to link both apps.

First month = free testing.