Set-up instructions & Questions

Set-up instructions

Download the Mindstretch app and connect it to your Fitbit Watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

The app stopped working due to the change of Daylight Saving time (forward)

Some users reported syncing problems after the change of winter to summer time due to a problem at Fitbit. In such case, please log-out of Mindstretch (via the main menu) and log-in again. You will then be directed to the log-in screen of the Fitbit app where you can re-establish the connection by logging-in with your Fitbit credentials and allowing Mindstretch to use the Fitbit data. Please note that recovering data can take some time.

Which watches or trackers work best with Mindstretch?

For best user experience (wearing comfort, battery life), we strongly recommend to use a Fitbit watch/tracker that measures heart rate such as the Fitbit Charge 2, Charge 3 or Inspire HR, Inspire 2 or Versa. These models connect with both Android and Apple smartphones. Other compatible watches are Wear OS supported smartwatches but a main disadvantage here is the daily recharging, necessary to allow a 24hr monitoring.

Which smartphones are best fit for use with Mindstretch?

All smartphones that are running either Android or iOS are suited for downloading and using the Mindstretch app. However, the Mindstretch app may show reduced performance when used with Apple smartphone types below the iPhone X (e.g. iPhone 8, 7, 6s, 6, etc.). Mindstretch will still function with these phone types but might be less responsive. In this case, it is recommended to leave the app open during the synchronisation process and to not touch any other buttons. Data will show up with some delay.

Which languages does Mindstretch support?

Today, Mindstretch is available in English, German and Dutch. More languages will be added in the near future.

My phone does not synchronise automatically

  1. Go to the settings of your phone, look for ‘Accounts’, click on the Mindstretch icon and switch the sync button on.
  2. Press the synchronisation icon on the daily graph screen of the Mindstretch app (2 circle arrows) to start the syncing process OR
    go to the settings of the Mindstretch app and press ‘Data back-up’.

How to open Mindstretch again after the change of Daylight Saving Time (backward)

Users with an Android phone, please do the following:
Go to the settings of your phone -> Applications or Manage Apps -> Click on Mindstretch -> Click on ‘Storage’ -> Click on ‘Clear Data’ -> Open Mindstretch again. If this does not solve the issue, then uninstall the app from your phone and re-install it from Google Play.

Users with an iPhone, please do the following:
Go to the settings of your phone -> General -> Click ‘iPhone Storage’ or ‘iCloud Usage ‘ -> search for the Mindstretch app -> click ‘Offload app’ -> Open Mindstretch again. If you do not have the option ‘Offload app’ or if the app still does not work, then uninstall the app from your phone and re-install it from the AppStore.

How to receive my historical data after updating the app

Go to the settings of the Mindstretch app and press “Data backup” or kill the app and re-open it. The app will start reloading all your historical data automatically.
Note that this process can take some time when you have a lot of data. We advise you to keep your phone screen open on the app whilst syncing. If the phone screen goes to the background, syncing will stop. The process will restart from where it stopped as soon as you open the Mindstretch screen again.

How can I test the app?

Simply download the Mindstretch app from Google Play or AppStore and link it to your Fitbit watch. You can test the app for free for 1 month. After that, you will be asked to take a paid license. If you have not taken a license, you won’t be able to measure anymore but you will still be able to see your history.

How often do I have to recharge the battery?

The battery of a Fitbit watch/tracker lasts for +/- 7 days, which is very convenient for this type of continuous monitoring. Other smartwatches (Polar M600) need daily recharging and are therefore less recommended.

I have a Fitbit watch but do not know how to receive the measurement results in Mindstretch

You always need to first open the Fitbit app on your smartphone to let it synchronise (this goes automatically). Then open the Mindstretch app. It will also immediately start syncing and show you the latest updates..

Mindstretch has stopped recording data although I have a valid license

  1. As Mindstretch uses the data measured with the Fitbit device, please first check whether your latest Fitbit data is available in the Fitbit app.
    To do this, click on the Fitbit icon on your smartphone to open the app, click on the icon of the head in the left upper corner and check the last sync date/time. Synchronisation goes automatically but you can also manually do this by pressing the ‘sync’ button in this screen.
  2. Check whether the app is still connected to the Fitbit app.
    Go to ‘settings’, under ‘Choose product’, you will see which device you are using. Click on this tab to choose your device. At this moment, iPhone users only have the possibility to connect to a Fitbit device.

External factors that impact the measurements results that I should be aware of

In some specific situations, the system is unable to clearly distinguish the mental component. These are:

  • environmental temperature change e.g. lying in the sun
  • change of height e.g. being in the mountains. Heart rate increase is due to reduced oxygen in the air
  • use of medication which can cause fluctuations in heart rate
  • eating/drinking: energy used for digestion
  • doing a physical activity that does not require many/any steps such as working in the garden (especially the hands are moving) or cycling (legs are moving).

How do I add a label on the daily graph?

Go to the Daily graph and click twice in the graph. You will now see a green icon at the bottom right of the screen. Click this icon which brings you to the labelling screen. You can label a feeling and/or an activity, change the date, time and duration by clicking on the respective date or time. We advise you to simultaneously label an activity and an emotion as it will help you to discover your real stressors more easily.

How do I create new labels?

Android users can create a new label by scrolling down in the labelling screen and choosing “add another feeling” or “add another activity”. Apple users will see a grey bar on the top of the screen and can create new labels by pressing the “+” button.

How do I delete labels?

Android users can delete a label via the ‘Labelling” tab at the bottom right of the “daily” screen which brings them to the calendar view. Click on a label within the calendar to go to the labelling screen. You will see 3 vertical dots at the top, next to “save”. By pressing the dots, the ‘delete’ function will appear. Apple users can delete labels via the ‘bin’ icon in the grey bar at the top of the labelling screen.

I filled-in the survey but do not get any personalised advice, nor do I see my graphs when logging-in on the MyMindstretch platform

This means that your data did not reach our server automatically. Please check “Accounts” in the settings of our smartphone and allow automated synchronisation or if you prefer to do it manually: go to ‘Settings’ in the main menu of the Mindstretch app and click on ‘Data backup’. Remember to do this regularly if you wish to receive your weekly advice.

Why is Mindstretch different from other stress measurement apps or devices?

Most stress measurement apps are based on the measurement of Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Literature studies have made clear that there is no strong correlation between HRV and the stress component, especially when someone is moving or performing a physical activity. Mindstretch uses a different scientific method as it measures the energy used by the brain for mental activities (of which stress can be responsible for higher mental load). The Mindstretch method has been validated in several peer reviewed studies.

Can I pass-on my watch to another person to let him/her monitor?

You can only do so after having logged-oout of the app. Smartwatches need to be put back on the factory settings and set-up again. Fitbit users need to make a new account with Fitbit or user their existing Fitbit account. Be aware that, if the new user would start monitoring under your account, the baseline won’t be calculated correctly anymore and the measurement results won’t be correct either. Mindstretch is therefore a strictly individual tool.

Why is it important to measure day and night?

As sleep is an important contributor to mental recovery, the night’s measurements are taken into account for the correct calculation of the 24hr daily score (shown as % of recovery).

Why does the day colour change to orange when the energy balance is below 50%?

The balance score is lower than 50% when the mental energy consumed for that day is higher than the recovery that has been gained. This result is not necessarily negative or bad as some days are more intense than others. More important is to keep track of the monthly overview. It is recommended to have a least 4-5 ‘green’ days in one month.

Is a peak of 100% energy use bad or wrong?

No, it can be perfectly OK to have such a high percentage of energy use when you are in a specific situation, i.e. when having to deal with several urgent tasks that require your attention at the same moment or when you are in a frightening situation. The height of the peak will depend on the kind of person you are as every person is unique and will respond in a different way.

I noticed a high peak of energy use although I felt relaxed

The user’s perception is not always identical to what the body experiences. A peak of energy use can be due to a positive or a negative event or emotion. High energy use peaks occur for example when socializing with friends, watching an exciting movie or feeling in love. These events and emotions, even when positive, do require energy from the body and are therefore not necessarily creating recovery.

I have a normal heart rate which is rather high. Will this influence the monitoring results?

Mindstretch uses individualised algorithms, which means that the system will continuously adapt to your body and refine its model.As it will have to get to know you, the monitoring results of the first 2-3 days might not be 100% accurate yet. After day 3, you can fully rely on the results shown.

When to use “Notifications”?

Notifications only works when using a Wear OS smartwatch. By switching on “Notifications” in the Settings of the menu, the system will give you an alert each time you reach the threshold of 50%. This way, the watch helps you to become instantly aware of high peaks of energy use or recovery. You can also label these peaks directly on the smartwatch.

Why and where do I fill-in the Personality Type Survey?

Our ambition is to give you the best possible advice to help you tackle your stressors, build-up more personal energy or prevent you from going into burn-out. Our specialised coaches/psychologists need to know you a little better to make sure that the advice they give is valuable for you and in line with your personality.
This survey pops-up when you tap for the first time on ‘Advice’ in the main menu. Once filled-in, you won’t be bothered anymore. If you do not want to fill-in this survey, you can continue using the app but you will not receive any advice.