Healthy life

A healthy life starts with understanding the impact of our daily way of life on body and mind

BioRICS reveals what your body already knew


Every task, job or mission requires attention and focus to perform well. BioRICS supports race drivers to stay in their personal focus zone where they perform best without consuming an overload of mental energy.


When the immune system is under pressure, the body becomes more vulnerable for infection. The BioRICS algorithms are able to detect the risk of infection (bacterial or viral)
before the first symptoms become visible.


Physical health issues are often the result of mental imbalances due to chronic stress or other issues. Managing your personal energy balance on a daily basis helps you to understand how your body responds to the daily external and internal stimuli.


A more balanced and mentally stronger person will perform better, with less effort. Key is to connect with your body and take care of getting enough recovery (mental and physical) to be ready for the next game, as does the race driver.

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Mental Health

Being healthy is about body and mind staying in balance. Mindstretch provides daily insights in mental energy use and recovery, based on physiological measurements. It creates awareness and shows the user that even small changes in daily routine or habits can make a huge difference in mental well-being.


Infection Monitoring

As a result of the Corona pandemic, living and working have become more complex. We fear getting infected every time we leave the house. It would help if we could take action before the first signs of an infection appear. Based on objective monitoring results from the body, InfectAlert tells you when your own health is at risk.


Extreme Performance

Winning the competition is often a question of being mentally fit and focused.  Based on the athlete’s mental energy use during the game or race, it has become possible to calculate the right focus zone he/she should be in to best perform.  Providing this new type of information in real time is extremely valuable for the team to support the athlete.

BioRICS based on science

The BioRICS technology is based on 30 years of research at the M3 BIORES lab of the Faculty Bio Engineering at KU Leuven.

The core are the real time algorithms which are developed with data-based mechanistic modelling techniques (= linked to the process). As they adapt in time and to every individual specifically, the generated results are far more accurate than population-based statistical models.
The algorithms use real time parameter estimates. These are continuously refined and customized
for the different environments in which they are used.

Integrated by coaches and experts

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A heart surgeon explains

A heart surgeon explains

Doing surgery every day requires high mental focus, sometimes for long hours. A heart surgeon explains how Mindstretch helps her to stay “fit for surgery” and what the tool can mean for healthcare providers and also patients.

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The Forensic Care Specialists

The Forensic Care Specialists

“We are dealing with employees who are very enthusiastic and involved and therefore also demand a lot of themselves. I think the trick is to support our employees as well as possible from within the organization”.

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Volvo Cars Gent

Volvo Cars Gent

“We found the Mindstretch tool appealing as we strongly believe in the power of the employee. It is up to the employee to take the initiative, to start working on his or her health and we can only offer tools that can help with that.”

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