Mindstretch for individuals

Looking for a tool to help you manage your energy in a busy professional/private life?

Lack of energy?

Many people complain about feeling tired from morning till evening. They lack energy without knowing why. This often happens after a period of feeling extremely fit & full of energy, making them believe that they can cope with every challenge in life!

However, at that very moment, they are putting themselves in danger, building-up chronic stress. Chronic stress makes people perform extraordinary well but after this phase, exhaustion follows!

Your life in balance

More energy

Sleep well

Happy moments


Good vibrations

Listen to your body

This tiredness is a result of high Cortisol levels that remain in the biological system. Nerves and hormones manage this system. Once it is deregulated, the body will start developing diseases such as digestion problems, heart problems, disorders in the immune system, etc.

To prevent such disorders, one needs to listen to the body. Recovery of body and mind should happen on a regular basis. Every loss of energy, mental and physical, needs to be regained and therefore it is essential to plan enough moments of relaxation or ‘me-time’. A good balance between energy use and energy recovery is of crucial importance to stay healthy.

With Mindstretch, you can monitor your good moments, which will give you “green days”, and your stressful moments, which will give you “orange days”.

mindstretch for individuals

Was your day green or orange?

In order to perform well, a good dose of stress (EUSTRESS) is required. There’s nothing wrong with having ‘orange’ days, days where you are very busy, on which your brain consumes a lot of energy.

Key is to stay in balance and to also have ‘green’ days in a time-period of 3-4 weeks. These days are more relaxing, during which you unwind. Such days are important to gain back your mental strength and build resilience.  

Aware of your energy-takers

By using the ‘labelling’ option in the Mindstretch app when your graph shows high peaks of energy use, you will soon discover which emotions and events ask a lot of mental energy.

Do not be surprised if ‘socialising with friends’ or ‘taking alcohol’ is giving you orange peaks. Although these events are fun and also necessary to feel good, the ask a lot of energy from body and mind.

Important to know is that the quality of your night’s sleep has a high influence on the energy you need during the day. After a good night’s recovery, your daily tasks will demand less energy from the brain.

How to regain energy

Identical to discovering your energy takers, the Mindstretch app shows you at which moments you regain energy (= green peaks). These are the moments that your mind winds down.

Sleeping is still the best way to recover but also events like walking in nature, relaxing at home, reading a book (without need for intense concentration), doing yoga, etc. are good ways to gain energy.

Offer yourself these moments of relaxation regularly as your body needs them to be prepared for the next rush!

Self-manage your mental balance

The nice thing about Mindstretch is the fact that the effect of your efforts to change bad routines or habits, are visualised in the daily graph. Some examples:

  • time pressure: stopping overloading your daily schedule will have an immediate effect on your mental energy use.
  • listening to music to unwind in the evening will improve your recovery in the first part of the night
  • allowing more time for yourself will create a feeling of happiness and peace and help you to regain energy.


Start with the Mindstretch app

  • Make sure you have a Fitbit device that measures heart rate which is connected to your Fitbit account (on the Fitbit app)
  • Download the Mindstretch app on Google Play or App Store
    Register yourself in the app and confirm your account via the activation email
  • Open the Mindstretch app, log-in, select the Fitbit device and log-in again on the Fitbit app to link both apps.

First month = free testing.