Mindstretch for individuals

Discover the root causes of energy imbalances and monitor the effectiveness of your actions

Health and Energy

All living organisms require a balance between producing body energy versus using energy in different body functions such as the basal metabolism, the immune system, physical performances and mental tasks.

Scientific literature shows that several physiological issues (e.g., Parkinson, Alzheimer, cancer) and mental issues (depression, burnout) relate to a malfunctioning of the metabolic energy production or imbalances in the use versus the production of metabolic energy. 

Using Mindstretch allows the individual to manage the body energy balance for health and for improved performances in physical and mental activities.

Your energy back on track

Start the day with enough energy

Watch your “sleep quality”

Feel the positive effect of your actions 


Build long term resilience 

Recovery of Body & Mind

Chronic tiredness is often a result of high Cortisol levels that remain in the biological system. Nerves and hormones manage this system. Once it is deregulated, the body will start developing diseases such as digestion problems, heart problems, disorders in the immune system, etc.

To prevent such disorders, one needs to listen to the body. Recovery of body and mind should happen on a regular basis. Every loss of energy, mental and physical, must be regained and therefore it is essential to sleep well and plan enough moments of relaxation. A good balance between energy use and energy recovery is of crucial importance to stay healthy.

mindstretch for individuals

Finding the root causes for high energy use

Having ‘orange‘ days (more energy use than recovery)  is normal but one should also have at least 4-5 ‘green’ days in a month to maintain a good energy balance that keeps you mentally strong and resilient.

When the energy balance stays continuously below 50% over 2-3 months, it is time to check some routines, habits or feelings that may negatively impact the energy balance, such as:

  • an overloaded agenda during the week but also during the weekend, preventing you to take enough rest;
  • activities till late at night, which prevents your mind to unwind before going to bed;
  • heavy meals or alcohol late in the evening;
  • negative emotions/feelings which may bring you in a negative thinking spiral.

Adding context in the app by putting labels on the daily graphs – even for a short time – helps to discover patterns or identify which events or emotions take most energy from your body.


mindstretch for individuals

But how to regain energy?

Sleeping is still the best way to recover. Mindstretch gives you insight in the quality of your sleep. In other words, it tells you whether your night’s recovery has been good or bad. The better you were able to recover, the less energy you will have to spend the next day for the same tasks.

Time pressure is a common stressor that causes high energy use by the brain. Doing the same activities without being pressured by time will always have a positive effect and often lead to green peaks instead of orange ones.

Events like walking in nature, relaxing at home, reading a book (without need for intense concentration), doing yoga, etc. are also good ways to regain energy. Offer yourself these moments of relaxation regularly as your body needs them to be prepared for the next rush!

mindstretch for individuals

Small changes often have big effects

Changing some small routines or habits can positively impact the energy balance such as:

  • building -in 5 mins. of rest in between 2 activities.
  • doing sports in the morning rather than in the evening.
  • avoiding late evening dinners or a lot of alcohol, to allow the digestion process to finish before going to bed.
  • saying “no” to socializing events when you are not feeling well. Using this time to rest will help you to recover more quickly or prevent you from becoming even more sick.

The positive effect of your actions will soon become visible via the daily and monthly scores in the app.

mindstretch for individuals

Starting with Mindstretch

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The offer consists of a box which contains a Fitbit watch that measures heart rate, a QR code to activate a 6-months subscription and an instruction manual.

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