Focus monitoring to perform well

Each driver needs to be in the right focus zone to make the best lap times. Under-focus or distress can have serious consequences


MyFocusZone is used in racing, especially during long-endurance races where the risk of accidents increases when the driver is under-focused or distressed. This technology takes care of the athlete instead of the machine and proves to be useful in other extreme sports.

Extreme sports





focus monitoring


focus monitoring


Focus monitoring in Racing

Racing is a mentally demanding sports discipline, as recognized.  The driver needs a good dose of stress and adrenaline, but when he becomes tired (under-focused) or is overwhelmed by emotion (i.e. frustration), this can lead to dangerous situations.

That is why BioRICS, in collaboration with the GetSpeed race team, has developed a monitoring system (Myfocuszone) whereby the individual focus zone is determined for each driver.  Key is to stay in this focus zone as much as possible.

During the race, the BioRICS team follows-up the driver closely and the team manager talks to the driver in case the driver comes out of his focus zone on an empty track (without reason or obstacle).

Mental strength in Competitive e-Sports 

BioRICS has set-up a partnership with Artes Vivendi who aims to bring together the best minds and experts to professionalize the e-sports industry. Artes Vivendi intends to manage a world class team and set new industry standards which take better care of the health and mental well-being of the gamer via a 360° approach.

How stressed is the gamer?

During the SIM racing expo in 2015, the emotional response of a race driver on the track was compared with the gamer’s response on the simulator whilst driving in real-time. The graphs shown here in the video clearly demonstrate that both the race driver and the gamer are showing similar stress patterns at the same parts of the track. This result proves how much mental pressure is put on the gamer and why his mental health should be taken care of!