The Forensic Care Specialists

In this special environment, employee well-being is high on the agenda

For the Forensic Care Specialists in The Netherlands, just like for many organizations, the shortage on the employment market makes it difficult to get and retain well-qualified staff. Due to the specific environment their employees work in, these people are very involved and demand a lot of themselves. This is the reason why the organization started looking for tools to support their employees as good as possible from within the organization, to keep them involved and enthusiastic in the work that they do. 

A preventive 3-year plan was written in which Mindstretch became part, offering the employees the opportunity to work at their own mental resilience and empowerment. Coaching company CSR Centrum closes the triangle with their expertise in case an employee searches for some extra guidance and support.


We believe that the self-awareness that people gain from the Mindstretch app allows them to work on their own mental balance.

Rogier ter Hall – Prevention Advisor

A pilot project that led to long term adoption

Small changes can have big effects

This is what Ernst experienced after gaining new insights in his measurement results.  Instead of rushing from one appointment to the other, he decided to build in 5 to 10 minutes in between two sessions. It gave him the time to work out the sessions instead of doing this at the end of the day (when already being tired). And guess what… he got more “green” days and felt much more in balance. Also in his private life, he started changing some habits that had a negative effect on his energy use. He is now more conscious about his own behaviour and recurring  patterns and is able to take corrective actions more quickly. 

Interested in Mindstretch?

Are you interested in using the Mindstretch app within your company for health prevention? Do you wish to guide your employees on both a mental and a physical level?

Our Customers

People @ Work
Stress and Recovery monitoring in every day life & work to help the individual manage stressors and stay in balance!

Racing & sports team coaches
Real-time follow-up of heart rate, stress and focus of the driver or player during competition, for safe and optimal performance.

Manufacturers and OEM suppliers to Automotive, Defense, Sports
Algorithms for individual mental state monitoring (stress, fatigue, drowsiness) that can be integrated in the manufacturer’s own software/platform.