First experience with Mindstretch

Mindstretch: a monitoring app

Hello everyone,

My name is Anke and for the next 4 months I will be working at BioRICS as a social media expert. In this blog I’d like to share how different persons are using the Mindstretch app, what they experience with Mindstretch and what they learn from the insight with the measurements.

First experience

Let’s begin with my own first experience. I started monitoring two weeks ago and was wondering what my energy-takers and energy-givers would be.

The first few days, I got a lot of green (recovery) but towards the end of the week, my recovery levels decreased and my days became more orange (more energy use). Especially my nights weren’t recovering at all, which I found bizarre because I didn’t feel like if I hadn’t slept enough.

On the other hand, at the end of the first week, I suffered from a heavy headache. This was the result I got from badly recovering at night and I was surprised that Mindstretch could detect what my body was experiencing before I even knew! After the heavy headache, my nights became better and I recovered more and more while sleeping.

mindstretch experience

Insight by measurements, not by “feeling”

I realised that what I perceive is not always identical to my measurements. For example, when I play music. I enjoy doing it very much and would think that these moments are very relaxing.

However, the experience with Mindstretch gave me another insight.

As I need to concentrate while playing, it requires a lot of mental energy. I play a wind instrument and therefore need a lot of air. Especially when I have to play really loud, my heart rate goes up and I’m using some physical energy too.

For me, I consider the energy used for playing music as a positive thing. It gives me great excitement and makes me feel happy.

Ready for the experience with Mindstretch?

From these first results, I learnt that Mindstretch can give a lot of insights in a person’s life and daily activities and I’m curious to find out more in the next weeks.

Our Customers

People @ Work
Stress and Recovery monitoring in every day life & work to help the individual manage stressors and stay in balance!

Racing & sports team coaches
Real-time follow-up of heart rate, stress and focus of the driver or player during competition, for safe and optimal performance.

Manufacturers and OEM suppliers to Automotive, Defense, Sports
Algorithms for individual mental state monitoring (stress, fatigue, drowsiness) that can be integrated in the manufacturer’s own software/platform.