Holidays are on the way …

As my internship at BioRICS is coming to an end, I’d like to give you an overview of the four months I have monitored and my latest new experiences with Mindstretch.

My first weeks’ monitoring – which started in February – teached me a lot about myself. My weeks mostly started with ‘green’ days but towards the end, nearly always became ‘orange’. I clearly had to get used to the “working life”. In March, as I became adapted, working made me consume less energy and more days became ‘green’. Since then, I started feeling at ease in this new environment and I can see it in my graphs as they show a lot of recovery almost every day.

Looking at my monthly overviews, March was actually the most ‘orange’ month, because I had many things to do. My agenda was overloaded both in weekends and in the evening during the week. Rehearsing and playing concerts were the main reasons. As I told you before, while playing music and especially a wind instrument, your heartbeat raises because of heavy breathing from time to time, which makes it a very energy-taking activity. Besides music, the biggest trigger of energy loss was socializing. Going out with friends for dinner or drinks is really fun but asks a lot of mental energy. This was also visible in April, when I went on vacation and which I even had to recover from afterwards!

Stay in the green, manage your energy-use

In May I gained more recovery again, mostly at the end of the month because I got sick in the beginning. This gave me another ‘orange’ week. After that, my monitoring results improved. Sleeping gave me more recovery compared to the previous months and I felt more awake as well during the day. The last weekend of May, I went hiking. This was a completely new experience for me. With 15 kilos in my backpack, I walked through the woods for 15kms and when we arrived at the camping place, I was so much exhausted that I felt immediately asleep and slept for 1,5 hours. As you see can in my graph, hiking asked not only physical energy but also a lot of mental energy.

stress monitoring pregnancy

Back home, the last straight line to the finish of my internship and thesis started. As this is a quite stressful period, I wanted to anticipate on it by making a good planning of my ‘to do’s’ and making sure to strictly follow this time-scheme. I also closely kept an eye on my monitoring results and decided to be disciplined in going to bed early. Thanks to the good nights, I recovered well and felt productive during the day. Conclusion: managing my energy-use and recovery resulted in a good mental balance, good productivity and a lot of ‘green’ days, even more than expected.

I really want to thank BioRICS for the opportunity to learn about stress & my body and to grow in my experience with social media and the business world. Thank you as well, as a reader of this blog. I hope you will also soon discover the value of Mindstretch because it is a wonderful app, and please continue to read the stories of other users in the next blogs!