Measurement system & apps for Asthma Patients

Next to the product offerings, BioRICS provides consultancy services to universities, R&D departments, etc. in terms of full-fledged logging-data systems and customized software to analyse the captured data.

For this specific project, BioRICS delivered the hardware to measure body parameters and developed 2 customized software apps that go with it.

Furthermore, the server solution was installed and made operational. It remains fully active for the entire project time.

Description of the system

asthma patients

1. The system measures following parameters:

  • Heart rate
  • Steps
  • GPS position
  • Stress level (calculated by the BioRICS algorithm)
  • Spontaneous response to questionnaire 1 (*)
  • Daily response to questionnaire 2 (*)

(*) The questionnaires are medical diaries which were carefully composed by the project partners and implemented by BioRICS in the 2 apps (for 2 different groups of test subjects). They give additional information on the health status of each test subject in relation to asthma and allergy conditions.

2. All the data gathered on the smartphone is synchronised in an anonymised way with the online server where further analysis takes place by the project coordinator.

Our Customers

People @ Work
Stress and Recovery monitoring in every day life & work to help the individual manage stressors and stay in balance!

Racing & sports team coaches
Real-time follow-up of heart rate, stress and focus of the driver or player during competition, for safe and optimal performance.

Manufacturers and OEM suppliers to Automotive, Defense, Sports
Algorithms for individual mental state monitoring (stress, fatigue, drowsiness) that can be integrated in the manufacturer’s own software/platform.