The “Week of the Work Stress”

BioRICS and CSR Centrum for Stress & Burn-out Coaching in The Netherlands joined forces as “knowledge partners” in the campaign “The Week of the Work Stress” organized by OVAL (Organization for Vitality, Activation and Career).

The central theme for 2020 “Stay in Balance” was even more relevant given the dramatic impact of the Corona Crisis on employers and employees. In The Netherlands, 10% of the employees in general experience a disbalance between work and private life. During Corona times, employees with small children were more deregulated and found it hard to find a good balance. 12% of the employees who worked from home had difficulties to concentrate during the job. Research also revealed that people who are living alone find teleworking hard when it becomes permanent. They miss the interaction with their colleagues.

During this edition, specific attention was given to sub-themes like focus, working together, personal development and creativity. Employers understand the role they can play in making their organizations and employees more resilient by adopting a more preventive and individualized well-being approach. 

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Our Customers

People @ Work
Stress and Recovery monitoring in every day life & work to help the individual manage stressors and stay in balance!

Racing & sports team coaches
Real-time follow-up of heart rate, stress and focus of the driver or player during competition, for safe and optimal performance.

Manufacturers and OEM suppliers to Automotive, Defense, Sports
Algorithms for individual mental state monitoring (stress, fatigue, drowsiness) that can be integrated in the manufacturer’s own software/platform.